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about 1 month ago
Challenges are here!

Challenges Banner

Hey everyone!

Challenges are finally here! There are currently 3 challenges (No Duping, No Keepinv, & Half Health). There will be more challenges added later on.

To start a challenge use the /challenges command then select the challenges you'd like to use, then click confirm (each challenge is shown next to your messages in chat as an icon). Once you click confirm you will be sent to spawn and your inventory will be cleared. To remove your challenges click the lava bucket in the challenges menu.

Along with this update there was a bugfix for playtime not showing times above 30 days on the scoreboard.

3 months ago
Update Log - 10th December

Update Log Banner

Hey everyone!

We're going to be posting small updates in update logs, starting with this one.

  • Fixed clan points not being added on death of a player with no clan points
  • Fixed clan points not being added on death of a player that isn't in a clan
  • Added chat item preview ([i], [inv], [e], [pos])
  • Added item previews via discord
  • Advancement description and icon previews via discord
  • Fixed the plugin update tracker (plugins should be updated more often, hopefully less bugs)

3 months ago
Helper applications are open!

Hey everyone!

Helper applications are open again. You can apply for helper at https://dupetable.xyz/apply!

Please keep in mind you will need to join our discord server to be able to apply and have your account linked via /discord link (ingame command)

Please give us as much information as possible, we get a heap of applications with less than one sentence. Looks really bad compared to the rest of the applicants.
If you want to get accepted, just keep that in mind!


4 months ago
🎃 Halloween Build Competition 🎃

Hey everyone!

We're hosting a Halloween build competition! Starting now, you can build anything Halloween related for a chance to win one of the prizes below. Read below for more info:

The theme for this build competition is anything Halloween/Spooky related. The build MUST be done on DupeTable.

1st place - Spooky Rank (discord & ingame), 1 Event Key, and 2 Cosmetic Keys (along with the extra ones that come with the rank)
2nd place - 1 Event Key and 2 Cosmetic Keys
3rd place - 1 Event Key

When do submissions close?
Submissions close 1st of November.

How do I submit my build?
There will be multiple ways to submit, post your build in our discord server (Halloween comp channel), on our subreddit (r/dupe), or reply to our tweet with screenshots of your build (link here)! All submitted builds will be sent to the Halloween build comp channel in our discord server to be voted on. The build MUST be done on DupeTable. If you're picked as one of the winners, we will reach out to you on the platform you submitted it on asking for coordinates to the build so we can verify it was built by you (make sure to keep your messages open or look out for a friend/follow request from one of our staff members).

How are the winners determined?
We will be picking the builds with the most votes in Halloween build comp channel in our discord server (any submissions from other platforms will also be sent there so people can vote on them) along with votes from members of the staff team.


4 months ago
Clans V2 is finally here!

Hey everyone!

After lots of testing we've finally released our new clans system! With this new version we've added some new features and fixed a lot of bugs that were plaguing the old clans system.

Clan points are now working correctly and you're now also able to upgrade you clan's member, home, and ally limits via /clan upgrade. You can now also do clan challenges to earn extra points (challenges are sent out to all clans every 5 hours).

Along with those big changes we've also decided to add ranks to clans. You can now set your clan members to Member (default), Trusted, Officer, or Founder (owner of the clan). This means you can now show your member's ranks within your clan.


We hope you'll all love the new update! If you have any questions feel free to ask in our discord server.