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Clans V2 is finally here!
Started by Jacob



15 Mar 2023
Last Seen
09 Apr 2024

Hey everyone!

After lots of testing we've finally released our new clans system! With this new version we've added some new features and fixed a lot of bugs that were plaguing the old clans system.

Clan points are now working correctly and you're now also able to upgrade you clan's member, home, and ally limits via /clan upgrade. You can now also do clan challenges to earn extra points (challenges are sent out to all clans every 5 hours).

Along with those big changes we've also decided to add ranks to clans. You can now set your clan members to Member (default), Trusted, Officer, or Founder (owner of the clan). This means you can now show your member's ranks within your clan.


We hope you'll all love the new update! If you have any questions feel free to ask in our discord server.

Jacob · 6 months ago · Last edited: 6 months ago