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Easter Build Competition
14 days ago

We're hosting an Easter themed build competition! Starting now, you can build anything related to Easter for a chance to win one of the prizes below.

The theme for this build comp is anything Easter related but it must be built on DupeTable.

1st Place - Event winner rank, 1 Event key, and 3 Cosmetic Keys
2nd Place - 1 Event Key and 2 Cosmetic Keys
3rd Place - 1 Event Key

When do submissions close?
Submissions close April 15

Helper applications will be closing in a week!
14 days ago

Hey everyone!

Helper applications will be closing in a week. If you'd like to apply before they close you can do so here! Don't worry if you don't get in this time we'll be opening them again soon.

You'll need to be in our Discord server to apply, you can join here.

Clans data rollback
about 1 month ago

Hey everyone!

Clans data has been reverted to a version from the 7th of March due to clans being lost due to a recent crash that caused clan data to not be saved properly. If you had any data reverted that you'd like to get back please make a ticket in our discord server or email us!

Update Log - 11th March
about 1 month ago

Update Log - 11th March

  • Temporarily removed support for 1.19 - 1.20.2
  • Updated 5 plugins
  • Fixed database
about 1 month ago

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DupeTable is currently closed for maintenance due to the server running out of storage. The files are currently being transferred to another drive that has more storage. This may take some time.


DupeTable is now back online! Sorry for the sudden maintenance.

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