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Planned maintenance for tomorrow
about 1 month ago

Hey everyone!

We will be running maintenance tomorrow at 3:20PM (ACST) for setting up some server optimizations due to the recent issues we've been experiencing. During this maintenance we will also be migrating our database to our new server (we didn't switch previously as it would've delayed our migration to our new dedi). This maintenance should last around 1-2 hours but may take longer depending on how long database migrations take. If there are any significant delays we will bring up a temp map (we'll announce in our discord if we decide to do so).

We've migrated to new hardware!
about 1 month ago

Hey everyone!

We've done another migration due to poor performance with out last migration. We should now be able to handle a lot more players online and there should be no more lag during peak times.

Due to this migration our hosting costs have gone up significantly. If you would like to help support us and keep DupeTable running please consider checking out our store.

Scheduled maintenance for migration to new infastructure
2 months ago

Hey everyone!

We have maintenance scheduled for Friday (4th August) at 1:50PM (ACST). Click here to view this in your local timezone!

This maintenance has been scheduled as we need to migrate to a new infrastructure due to the large size of DupeTable's world files. This maintenance may take up to 24 hours due to the large file sizes.

Clan points have been added
2 months ago

Hey everyone!

Clan points have been added which are obtainable by killing people in other clans. You get 5 points per kill but you can get 10 per kill if that person is in an enemy clan.


You can not currently spend points on clan updates, it'll be added in a future update.

Clans are finally here!
2 months ago

Hey everyone!

After a lot of requests, we've finally added clans to DupeTable! You can now recognize your fellow team members easier.

With this update you can also now set clan homes, set allies, and also declare war on other clans by setting them as enemies.

The current member limit is 10 members (you'll be able to increase this in the future via points once the update releases).


In a future update you will be able to earn points for your clan by killing members of other clans which you can spend on upgrades for your clan (increasing members & possibly some other features). There will also be a leaderboard for the clans with the most points.

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