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The daily crate is here!
about 1 month ago

The daily crate is finally here!

To obtain keys for this crate you can use the /daily command every 24 hours. Please note that this crate is currently only available to users who are in our discord and have linked their account via /discord link.

This crate can be used at /warp crates

We are still looking for more rewards to add to this crate so if you have any ideas please suggest them in our discord or the replies.

Our website is here!
about 1 month ago

Our website is finally ready!

We will be mostly using this website to provide access to our announcements and host extra resources. The ability to create topics is currently disabled as we do not currently see the need for this as we'd rather use our discord server for now (you can still comment on announcements). We will also be adding more slowly to our website so keep an eye out for new posts about our updates!

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